Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Beauty Diary Gold + Marine Collagen Lift Stretch Mask

The box of My Beauty Diary Moisturizing and Whitening Set came with two sheets of the Gold + Marine Collagen Lift Stretch mask.  I had a little higher expectations for this mask because it is supposed to be a special, a little higher end than the regular MBD masks.  It retails on the Sasa website for $13.00 for 8 sheets, while your regular MBD masks retails for around the same price for a box of 10 sheets.  But like other MBD masks, I don't expect too much given that it is only a little over a dollar for a sheet.  

The ingredients of the essence is similar to your regular MBD masks.  It is still a clear liquid type essence.  Although this mask has "Gold", the "colloidal gold" is the last ingredient on the list, not the first on the list.  And once again, it is around $1.30 a sheet, and expect it to cost much less in Taiwan.

The mask texture is different than your regular MBD masks.  It is heavier and thicker quality paper cotton mask with two pairs of ear hooks.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  Compared to the regular MBD masks, the good thing is that this mask is not delicate and it will not rip.  It is actually quite tough and it will only rip if you deliberately tear at it with strength.   

The bad thing is that because it is tougher, thicker and more woven, I think it makes the essence more difficult to transfer to your skin.  In general, the mask would need to be more drenched.  And thicker essence works complements thicker, more woven masks.  

Unfortunately, other than the different material of the mask, the essence itself is similar to the regular MBD masks.  It also has much less excess serum/essence for your other body parts.  They probably manufactured this mask with the same amount of serum as the regular MBD masks, but this material ended up absorbing the essence.  

I usually use the regular MBD masks for around 1 hour and when I take it off, my face is wet and the mask itself is still quite moist.  For this mask, I wear it for 40 minutes, and my face is less wet and I don't need to massage the excess into my skin.  The mask looks like it is dry but it is still a bit moist but it seems there is some difficulty transferring from the mask onto my skin.  Despite less serum, I'm still able to reuse the mask for my neck.  

There isn't really any scent and it doesn't really leave your skin as sticky as the other MBD masks (maybe for the reason that there is less serum and my skin absorbed it well).  I think the effects are alright.  Not as visible as the regular MBD masks.  It doesn't give me the translucent brightening effects as some of the other MBD masks.  It does provide moisture but it is not as good as the regular ones.

The fit of the mask is okay for me.  You put on the first top pair of ear hooks and wear the second pair of bottom ear hooks to "lift" the area behind your chin.  I don't have a fat face nor droopy skin in that area, so I'm not sure if it really helped lift that or not.  I think if you have that problem and used these type of ear hook masks continuously, it would help lift that area.  After wearing the two pairs of ear hooks, the mask is tight and snuggle, but not suffocating.  It fits for me, but the mask is not universally perfect for all.  However, it is still a cotton paper mask, so don't expect it to be tight like a bio cellulose mask.  The chin area was a tad bit big for me and left some bunching.  The eye openings are kind of small and they are a little close together.  I also think that because you have to stretch the mask a little that it doesn't stick in the areas on the side of your nose and you end up pushing the mask down there.  

Overall, my thoughts are neutral for this mask.  I am not disappointed because the mask didn't break my wallet.  I got it for around $1.06 a sheet with my set.  Personally, I would stick with the regular MBD masks.  But I think that if I need "lifting" I would buy this again.  

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  1. I love these kind of face masks and they do make a difference. I use them alongside collagen marine capsules to attack my skin from the inside and outside.

    1. It's great that you find that they make a difference. For me, I like it but I don't love it.

      If you read my collagen post here at http://pearylife.blogspot.com/2012/04/do-you-look-for-collagen-as-ingredient.html or research a little about collagen, you will find out that topically applied collagen is not really effective because the molecule is actually too large to penetrate into your skins outer layer. Companies have thus created the form of soluble, hydrolyzed or marine collagen (basically broken down collagen), but end up to be too small to integrate with your skins own collagen.
      However, they do make a good moisturizer and may be a result of the other ingredients in the product.

      A good alternative to topically applied collagen, would probably be the collagen marine capsules you have suggested, as well as collagen injections at the doctor's office.

      Another cheaper alternative would be Vitamin C, according to reports I've read. Vitamin C is essential to the synthesis of collagen. In addition to vitamin c, using products with copper peptides also increase your collagen.



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