Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex

I bought the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack from (also a Hong Kong based online shopping company, but they don't have retail stores) for around $23 or $25 awhile back.  I have been using this on and off usually when I am too tired to use a sheet mask.  

The mask texture is a light blue gel-like emulsion.  Not the sticky, gluey type of gel, but the gel-like emulsion that is thick but smooth to apply.  When I first opened it and scooped it out I was a little disappointed because it is just a water based gel.  Yes, even though it is called the "Water Sleeping Pack", I was kind of wondering, how much of a percentage of the ingredients is water.  If it is mostly water then I am not getting the most out of my bucks.  

The floral scent may be a little strong for some, its okay, I'd rather it be lighter, but it does disperse once applied so it is not too bad.  

I usually use this when I am too lazy or tired to wait for a sheet mask.  This is how I use it: after cleansing>toner>serum>moisturizer or argan oil>Laneige Water Sleeping Pack.  Because it is gel based, after about 5-10 minutes after application, you will see how hydrated, supple and radiant your skin looks.  

Overall, I like this sleeping mask.  I can see that my skin is still hydrated in the morning.  However, I still prefer sheet masks more.  I think it is the pampering feeling that you get from sheet masks.  But I think this is great for those lazy, tired days where you can just lather on and go to bed.  

Almost finished!

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