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Review: The Face Shop White Tree Snow Hydra Advance Emulsion and Dr. G Hydra Intensive Mask

I've only shopped at The Face Shop a couple of times and the last time prior to this will-be final one was a long time ago (a few years, I'd say, lol, does that make any sense?).  And this recent purchase reminded me of why I stopped.  First off, I read that The Face Shop is just a drugstore brand in Korea, which may be the reason for the quality or lack of.  Though, there are many drug store stuff that are very good.  So, I was in the little cramped store, (important to note, because that may have resulted in my impulse shopping) and started testing the lotions.  The back of my hands were brighter and hydrated after massaging the emulsion on.  So, I decided to buy this.

I have mixed feelings and bad impressions.  The very bad thing is that I bought this last month, and unfortunately, I checked the bottom of the bottle a little too late.  EXPIRED. If that is the date, then it expired for a freakin' year.  I used it a few times I checked, because there was no date on the box.  I didn't return it because first of all, I don't have the receipt.  They also speak little to no English.  Secondly, I kind of don't want to face that attitude that they have, which also reminded of the other times I was there.  So, I use it for my hands. 

UPDATE 5/29/12: I decided to update and edit on this post since it is so popular.  
Apparently, its not expired?  That is only the manufacturing date.  How do I find these facts?  Should I google, "When do Korean beauty products expire?", "What is the date on the bottom of Korean products"? I still think that this is a skip because the floral fragrance is so overpowering.  The brightening is temporary.  It does hydrate a bit but with ickiness. I don't like the texture, the texture is similar to Japanese lotions. It feels like liquid plastic.  If that is your thing, go for it.  I guess I've been using Western brands of serums and face creams often that I find these items repulsive.  

So, apparently, according to some users, S. Korea lists there manufacturing
date by law.

I will still give a fair review despite this incident.  I'm still mixed about this, because it does hydrate and some what brightens temporarily, but the smell is overpowering.  It has this very chemically floral smell that is very strong.  I also think that the texture and product itself is very chemically.  All products have chemicals, but this feels like chemicals.  I don't know how to describe it.  It just feels like there is nothing benefiting, no vitamins, no minerals etc.  That is what I hate about it.  It is also a little bit sticky.  It doesn't leave me with a good feeling.  That also reminds me of why I will never shop at The Face Shop ever again.  And at $30.00, it is way overpriced.  And most of their items are overpriced and overrated, in my opinion.  

If you happen to like The Face Shop White Tree Snow Hydra Advance Emulsion, check out my review for HadaLabo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion.

Dr. G Hydra Intensive Mask

Ahhh, another disappointment!! I had really high hopes for this product! I read that S. Korea's first lady swears by this mask! Plus, Dr. G's introduction is quite seductive. 

I didn't take photos of the product because I used this
 just before my initiation of my blog.  I was also a bit bummed
 and just quickly finished the box of 3 in three
consecutive days.

Dr. G is developed by Dr. Gun-Yong Ahn, the founder of Gowoonsesang, the world’s 2nd largest medical skin care group. His over 20 years of clinical experiences on skin restoration is behind the birth of Dr.G. He entered a medical school with the facial burn from his childhood. He treated his scare and restored skin of many patients. He gained a reputation in the skin restoration area. He developed Dr.G by request of patient who wanted daily skin care after the dermatological treatment. Five skincare lines of Dr.G suitable for people in different ages, the Trouble Care Line for acne skin and Luxury EGF Line make Dr.G become a reputable top brand in Korea.
Dr.G Philosophy: Medical formula for beautiful and healthy skin
Gowoonsesang means ‘Beautiful World’ in Korean. With the clinical knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and high quality ingredients, skincare products of Dr.G rejuvenate skin inside out.
  • Gowoonsesang is the No.1 skin clinical centre in Korea
  • In Seoul, every 1 out of 8 women is the user of Dr.G skincare products and services
  • Star product: Hydra Intensive Mask is the favorite mask of the Korean president’s wife
  • Dr.G is appointed by Asiana Airline to provide the skin care service for their first class customers

Product Description
Dr.G Hydra Intensive Mask is a high concentrated mask containing 60% of botanical elements such as hyaluronic acid and evening primrose oil.With portulaca oleracea extract, it provides calming effect on skin. Since a sheet contains a full bottle of essence, the professional result can be obtained at home. This mask is also the choice of Korean President's wife. 

how to use it
After base skin care, tear open the sachet, and take out the mask. Enjoy the relaxing feel of the mask on your face. Use it for 10-15 minutes, linger if you feel like it. Discard mask after use. Do not need to wash after that. 

  • Evening Primrose Oil Extract: Moisturize Skin and encouraging blood circulation
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturize Skin
  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract: Claming and relaxing, anti-sensitive.
  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate: Claming, reducing inflammation

country of origin

suitable for
all skin type / sensitive skin

I've wanted to try this for awhile now, and Sasa had it on sale for $16.10 a box (3 pieces).  Yes, it comes down to $5.37 a sheet, still very very expensive but I thought it would be worth it since the name is "hydra intensive".  Please note that I had really high expectations.  The mask is kind of thicker than other sheet masks, but it was not drenched in essence/serum (Sorry no photos).  There was so little serum.  There was barely enough liquid for the mask, let alone any excess serum.  So, as a result, it doesn't stick well to the face and it also didn't provide moisturizing relief and the mask dried out very quickly.  It was just below average.  And for the price, what a waste.  I don't know, was it just my box?  With the term "intensive" in the title, it turned out to be just a misnomer.  I say, save your money, its a skip.

Update 5/29/12:
In other words, the mask could have been good, however, the mask texture was not appropriate for the product.  The cloth mask did not complement the essence/serum.  This is one of the reasons why some sheet masks fail.  It's not just this mask, but I have tried one of Neutrogena's, Method Swiss, and Elizabeth Ardin Cyber White and they all failed for this very reason.  

These two just happens to be both Korean products.  Just a coincidence.  I just want to note that I am not hating, before any misinterpretations occur.  I have tried Laneige and Hanskin masks and both are good. Okay, maybe just I just like Hanskin.  Hanskin's mask, one of the best I've tried. High quality.  I'll do a review on them next time.


  1. The date written on the bottom of every korean cosmetic or skincare products is the date of fabrication, so the emulsion you bought has been made on April 14 2011. Start from that date, you can add from 3 to 5 years for the period to use, it will expire in 2014 - 2016 (approximatively, depending on the product's ingredients and company). They have to follow the law and write the date of fabrication, not the date of expiration like in America.

    You should do a little research on Google, as I don't have free time to search for you.

    1. @Almond

      Thanks for the information, Almond. Hope that is true. Though, I don't think I will shop at TFS anymore.

      I think every skincare product should have a manufacturing and expiration date.

      Actually, US labeling regulations don't require an expiration date on most cosmetics, and probably skincare as well. That's why they don't have any dates! Scary!



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