Saturday, April 7, 2012

How to make Chinese Jiaozi Dumplings


  • Dumpling Skins (I bought mine, but you can also make your own), they sell thicker and thinner skins.  I used a white thicker type and a yellow thinner type dumpling skin.

  • a batch of Chinese leek

  • Chinese white bok choy

  • 1 lb ground pork
  • salt
  • oyster sauce

  • chicken bouillon
  • olive oil
  • one rice bowl and a half of water
  • another small dish of water for sealing your dumpling (you can also use egg white but water is fine)

Pork Filling Preparation

1. Chop leek and bok choy to small pieces and mix with ground pork.  Add a dash of salt (or to taste), oyster sauce (one tbspn or to taste), 1 tspn of chicken bouillon (or to taste), little olive oil, and one rice bowl and a half of water and mix.  It really depends if you want more veggies or more meat.

2. Freeze for a bit so that it is a little frozen, but not frozen enough that you can't pick through it. (This way the filling is not drippy or runny with water, but you need water so it stays juicy, otherwise you will end up with really dry pork.)

Slightly frozen

Wrapping The Dumpling

1. Place the filling in the middle of the dumpling skin and spread it out longitudinally so to reduce bunching in the middle.

2. Use your finger and dip into water and spread it to the outer edge of your dumpling to seal the dumpling.

You can wrap it up in aluminum foil and freeze it to save 

You can now pan fry them or steam them in a steamer with cabbages underneath.  Fry both sides lightly making sure you add a bit of water occasionally otherwise it will burn.

Dipping sauce for dumplings

Mix soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil together. (you can also add hot oil/chili or white pepper)

Dumplings made with the thin dumpling wrapper

Enjoy! =P

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