Thursday, June 7, 2012

Silicone Pore Cleansing Tool

This silicone facial scrubber is a must for every beauty lover. It's a small flexible pore pad with soft bristles that help to exfoliate the skin.  I got mine for only $1.50 at the mall in HK.  

It's an inexpensive little tool that does the job pretty well.  It leaves my face pretty smooth and clean, much better than just cleansing with my hands alone.  If you do not own a Clarisonic, I highly suggest getting one of these.  Even if you do have a Clarisonic, it's still definitely worth getting.  

I've never really used facial sponges before, but I like this, and probably purchased this instead because its easy to clean and remain clean.  The silicone pad is really not porous, so there may be less of a chance for bacteria to live there.  This should also last you quite a while.  Unlike other brushes, the silicone bristles are short and strong.  It hasn't gotten worn down or anything.

The Good
  • Very inexpensive
  • effective - gently exfoliates, pore cleaning, leaves skin smooth and clean
  • very cost effective - will last 
  • very easy to clean
The Bad
  • maybe not "strong" enough for some
The Skinny

Very good and very inexpensive little cleaning tool.  A must have for all beauty lovers.


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