Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cleaning your Clarisonic Brush?

I've only recently started cleaning my Clarisonic brush with the daily facial lathering cleansing cloths from Olay that my mom had bought for me from one of those whole sale clubs long ago.  These daily facial cloths come folded dry and just need water and a little rubbing to get the lather going.  

In the past, I only cleaned my Clarionic brushes with liquid soap and water, scrubbing it against my hands.  I don't like the idea of cleaning it against my palm even if my hands are cleansed thoroughly.  With a disposable cleansing cloth, I can be more sure that I am keeping my brush clean. I admit, though, I wouldn't buy the cloths for this sole purpose. I'm guessing I could also use Bounty, but the "quicker-picker-upper" is probably not even as strong as these facial cloths.   

Just add water, and scrub your brush clean against it.
How do you clean yours?

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