Wednesday, June 13, 2012

C+M Whitening Collagen Firming Gel Mask

I was a little excited to try this face mask because I thought I had grabbed a good deal on a gel mask at $2.70 for a box of two sheets.  After tearing open the packaging, I realized that it wasn't a gel mask but just a regular paper cloth mask with gel essence.  The "gel" only represents the gel type of essence and not the mask itself.  So, my main dissatisfaction of this mask is the result of this misnomer.  I guess at $1.35 a sheet, I wouldn't be getting a gel textured mask anytime soon.

I can't find any information from their company other than the description of their brand on  I have always found descriptions to be very suspicious with lesser known brands.  In their description it notes that they are "a famous French personal and skin care brand with wide range of whitening, suncare, anti allergy, moisturizing, deodorant and ance treatment products."  On the box it is noted that it is made in Korea, while the written form of language used is English and Chinese.  So, which is it? You are a French company made of Chinese workers with a market in Asia that decides to produce your products in Korea because the labor and shipping is cheaper? Is that what it is?

I haven't tried any of their other products but I am a little tempted mainly because they are so inexpensive and after testing this mask, it's actually not bad.  I have a feeling that this may be a drugstore brand because many of their products are only a few dollars.  Though, I probably wouldn't spend over $10.00 on a single item on this brand.

Putting aside the bummed fact that it isn't a true gel mask, I can tell you that the cloth mask was well drenched in gel essence.  Unlike some other gel type of cloth masks, I found that it wasn't drippy and not as sticky.  The cloth mask is thin like the Sillk Whitia Pearl line.  The cloth mask fits my face well but I think it may be small for wide faces.  The one good thing about the mask cutting is that left the eyes for you to cover.  I think that the gel type essence complements the cloth mask.  You don't get much excess essence but I think it is enough for the face and neck. I think it transfers and absorbs into my skin quite well.  I could use the mask longer than their suggested usage time. 

After I use the mask, I massage the rest of the excess essence from the package and go to bed.  It's not a wash off mask and I don't feel that I need to apply any face cream over it.  I find the result good.  It is hydrating like any other face mask right after use.  I don't think its that convincing in whitening, however.  I don't find that I get that whitening glow that I do with other brands.  The following day, my skin still does look hydrated, soft and refined.  

The Good

  • Not too expensive at $2.70 for a box of 2 sheets
  • thin mask, gel type essence, not really sticky
  • hydrating, soft and refined result
The Bad
  • Not a gel texture mask, only a gel type essence with paper cloth
  • Doesn't give that whitening glow
  • not wholly impressive
The Skinny

I was overall just quite bummed by the fact that I didn't get a deal with a gel textured mask.  It is only a gel type essence with cloth mask.  I do find it hydrating and a bit refining, though I wasn't incredibly impressed because I don't think it gave me that whitening glow that I had at least expected.  And just terribly bummed that its not a gel textured mask.  However, they are moisturizing and I would grab a box or two of these if I ever find them on stock again. 

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