Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wai Yuen Tong Pearl Whitening Mask

 Even after testing out bio cellulose masks and gel masks, I always return to regular cloth masks.  Cloth masks are usually less expensive, yet effective and practical as a one time use mask.  Bio cellulose masks and gel masks and maybe even the very nice pricey cloth masks seem so precious that it hurts a little when its time to throw them into the trash bin.  [Inexpensive] Cloth masks, on the other hand, are just made for the very notion of one-time-use, with the absence of "longing for" when its time to let them go.  

I was a little hesitant about purchasing this Wai Yuen Tong Pearl Whitening Mask.  You may have read my post on Wai Yuen Tong's Bak Fung Pills for menstruation.  I already knew that Wai Yuen Tong isn't really a skincare company, but just a traditional chinese medicine/herbal company.  Although they aren't a true skincare brand, I wasn't really suspicious with the purchase because I have seen a lot of their retail stores when I was in Hong Kong last year.  I haven't entered one of them, but while window shopping pass them, they do seem upscale, professional and not conspicuous.  I've also seen these masks displayed in their shop.  I guess, the only worry I had was that because they aren't a true skincare company, I feared the cotton cloth mask would be too thick or inappropriate with the essence.  Other reasons why I purchased this was because Silk Whitia's line was all swiped clean and this was the only "pearl" mask from any other brand left.  This isn't a popular mask brand, so that was given. 

 I have to start off by saying that the greatest negative aspect of this mask is that it is manufactured in China.  I'm wondering, when they say China, is this product made in the Mainland, China, where-there-are no-regulations-and-I-need-to-be-very-careful-not-to-purchase-China, or Hong Kong, China, where-it-is-a-little-better-because-they-have-some-regulations-as-an-SAR-China.  This, I may never know.  

But, what I can tell you is that, in my honest opinion, I think it is good.  Surprisingly, maybe because I had such low expectations especially after reading the "country of manufacture" and pulling out the cheesy sticker label packaging of this mask, I find that this mask is actually good.  Maybe, we shouldn't judge a book by its cover or in this case, a package and branding by its cover. And hey, maybe I should also start purchasing more "Made in China" shit.  No, sorry, I take that last one back.  

Country of Manufacture: China
The cheesy sticker labeled packaging I was talking about, sachet, as they call it, is smaller than your usual mask package. (Hm, sorry, the packaging is actually around the same size as My Beauty Diary masks and la glace ones, but smaller than Silk Whitia's packaging, but for some reason, it seems denser.) Their box is regular size, comparable to boxes of other brands.  I'm not even sure if this is even important to note or even logical to my reasoning, but to me it seems that because the packaging of the sheet mask is smaller, the essence is greatly consolidated with the cloth sheet.  Or, maybe simply because the essence complements the cloth sheet.  It's a surprise and a great relief to find that the essence and the cloth sheet texture is just right and appropriate with each other.  

I suppose that the smaller consolidated packaging does help a little because when I tear the package and remove the mask, its already fully absorbed with essence.  No need to press the packaging to spread the essence.  The essence is a clearish white thick type of gel emulsion. I'm actually starting to prefer this type of thick emulsion essence for sheet masks over watery types or regular gel-ish types because they are less messy, not drippy and they absorb quite well into the skin.  Some other brands also use this essence texture as well.  

The cotton cloth sheet mask is thick enough that it wouldn't rip but thin enough for the essence to be absorbed and transferred to the skin.  I think the essence type and the proportion amount complements the cloth texture quite well.  The mask happens to also fit quite well for my face.  People with large faces may find this quite small.  I am able to wear this mask over their suggested time usage.  It does not come with much excess essence.  There is a little bit left over, but I find this quite enough as the mask itself is fully absorbed.  After removing the mask, the excess essence from the package is very smooth to massage and absorb into the skin.  The directions do tell you to rinse your face after use even though it isn't sticky or I guess flaky.  I think I am getting use to rinsing after using a sheet mask, it's actually not that great of a hassle and it allows you to continue with your regular skincare regime.  

 While I rinse the essence off with water, I can feel that my skin is softer.  After rinsing, I can see that my face has that whitening glow.  I think the whitening is actually pretty good, I'm more than satisfied with the results.  I find that my regular skincare regime absorbed quite well and easily.  My skin is still soft the following day.  

Finally, down to the price.  At $1.78 per sheet for the overseas price (US), I would have to say it is reasonable for what it is.  It's still expensive for a one time use mask, but inexpensive compared to other sheet masks available for the US market.  This is better than many other higher priced sheet masks I have tried.  To be honest, in general, I think that sheet masks are getting pricier.  Even My Beauty Diary masks are around $1.10-$1.50 a sheet these days.  So, when I discuss the price, the factors of location and availability of the product as well as the availability of products of same nature come into play.

The Good

  • Emulsion essence type complements the cloth sheet mask texture well
  • Emulsion essence is smooth and easy to absorb, non sticky
  • Reasonably priced for US buyers
  • Leaves skin soft, well moisturized and provides whitening glow
The Bad
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Still generally expensive for a one time use mask
  • I guess it is important to note, that although it fits me very well, I do have a small face. It may be too small for larger faces.
The Skinny

A surprisingly good cloth mask that has a smooth thick gel emulsion type essence complementing the cotton cloth mask.  The mask is a good fit and is the right thickness.  It leaves skin soft and translucent, though some may find the country of manufacture daunting.  


  1. I've always wonder about the same thing when I see skincare products from China. The country of manufacture just made me so reluctant to try the product!!! But after your review, I might try this mask. I am currently using my beauty diary but the masks don't seem to do much for my skin, so I am looking to switching to a different brand.

    1. hhaha thank you for the affirmation on China products. I hate to admit, but to let you know, I think it is better than My Beauty Diary's Arbutin mask!



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