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Dr. BSC 3D Collagen Regeneration Bio Cellulose Mask + update on Simply Bio Cellulose Mask

The long awaited review of Dr. BSC's 3D Collagen Regeneration Bio Cellulose Mask.  I wanted to wait and test this mask out well before writing a review.  Sometimes I am really excited to try out a new mask and my review becomes a little biased.  I also made an update to Simply's Bio Cellulose mask.  

Just in general - Bio Cellulose mask vs. Regular Cloth mask

I have only tried Dr. BSC and Simply's bio cellulose masks but I think I am comfortable enough to give my thoughts on the differences between bc masks and regular cloth masks.  Written on the back on Dr. Bsc's box is their concept: "Despite that some skincare products are made with the most valuable ingredients or according to the best formulas, they are still ineffective if they cannot be truly absorbed by skin".  Their concept, I would say, is the whole concept of all bio cellulose masks.  When I first tried bio cellulose mask (that being Simply's), my whole focus was on the bio cellulose mask itself.  Without good essence, is a bio cellulose mask still effective?  And if these were just regular cloth masks with the same essence, would they still be as effective, or not?  I took all of these questions and tried to balance out my review on these masks a little more.

The main difference between the bio cellulose and cloth masks, aside from material is that bio cellulose are tighter and skin hugging.  A condom for the face.  Are they the same latex material? I really don't know, I'm not really a promiscuous chica and I didn't bother to look it up.  It won't side off your face and you really don't need to lie down using it.  Even gel masks will side down, but bio cellulose masks won't.  With bio cellulose masks, you can also get rid of any air bubbles.  

When you remove a cloth masks after use, your face is always pretty drenched and you end up massaging any remaining essence onto your skin.  With bio cellulose masks, you don't really get a wet face and you really don't massage any remaining essence.  With cloth masks, I always let my drippy masks drip into the package before applying it onto my face, but with bio cellulose masks, you want to make sure your mask is thoroughly filled with the essence.  You don't get too many excess essence and it really doesn't drip that much.  

With cloth masks, if you wear them till semi dry or dry, they automatically separates from you skin.  But with bio cellulose masks, you really shouldn't use them till they are semi dry.  I am always tempted to wear them longer because they feel so nice when wet and I wanna use them longer to get my money's worth.  I have worn them "wrong" the first few times, and now I know that you shouldn't wear them till semi dry because when bio cellulose masks dry on your face, they stick to the skin.  Let me tell you, peeling off a dry bio cellulose mask on your face is not good.  Do not be tempted to wear them longer.  You really only need to wear them for 30 minutes most, better quality ones that do not dry as quickly a little longer.  However, you really don't want them to be even semi dry.

Review - My thoughts on Dr. Bsc 3D Collagen Bio Cellulose Mask vs. Simply Bio Cellulose Mask

Dr. Bsc's: Although I always say that I don't care about packaging, its always psychologically more assuring when the packaging is professional and not negatively conspicuous.  Especially when you do not know anything about the company and cannot find a website from them.  The box is sealed in clear packaging and after tearing that, the opening is taped shut with their company sticker.  Overall, their packaging is very sophisticated, clean and professional.  Even better than some very well known companies in the US.  They claim to be made in France (sasa.com says uk), which gives it a plus.  Obviously, great marketing, with words "medical formula", "nano tech", and "2.5% microelement water".  So, even before you open this box and before you use it, you're subconsciously saying to yourself, "this gotta be good stuff". I am not sure if  BSC  (that sells gel masks and supplements) is an extended line of the same company.  BSC stuff are made in the UK, though, I believe. (Updated 5/29/12: just checked my box of bsc gel masks, correction: formulated in Japan) They are also packaged well.  


Each box comes with 3 sheets for roughly $4.22 per sheet, which is pretty pricey, but still low compared to other bio cellulose masks in the market.  Like other bio cellulose masks, the actual membrane is sandwiched between two white woven cotton protective sheets.  Squeeze your pack to make sure you spread the essence so that your mask is immersed in essence.  The first time I used it, I didn't do that and (I was taking photos using my dslr which is very difficult) it wasn't wet enough.  The essence is watery clear with a yellow tint and has a light fragrance which is pleasant.  

The three masks are nicely folded.  You unfold and remove one of the white woven cotton protective sheets and apply the membrane side with the other protective sheet onto your face.  After positioning it on your face, carefully remove the other protective sheet.  Use the excess essence on protective sheets for your arms.  

I think that the membrane bio cellulose is a much better quality than Simply's.  When you first put it on it feels thicker and harder than Simply's and it won't rip when wet.  It's definitely a lot tougher and the cutting is much better, there is more room for your eyes, nose and mouth. It does not feel as tight as Simply's because it feels harder and thicker at first, but its still skin hugging and you can eliminate air bubbles.  After use, it feels like it got softer and thinner.  Dr. Bsc's doesn't seem to dry as quickly.  You won't get much excess essence, but you still get a bit and I apply them onto the mask while I am wearing it and onto my neck area.  You can get 45 minutes to an hour for this mask.  

Like I said, with bio cellulose mask, you won't get a wet face after use, so no need to really massage any remaining essence.  But your skin still feels and looks hydrated.  You can fold your mask and apply it onto your neck.  I don't have to use a moisturizer after use and my skin is still hydrated in the morning.At first you might think that its not really effective because it doesn't leave your skin wet and with a layer of essence.  But its actually more sunken in to your skin rather than just sitting on top of your skin and washed off the next time you clean your face. However, although it is good, I think for $4.22, the results are not incredibly impressive.  

The Good

  • Thicker and harder - better quality bio cellulose material, that gets softer and thinner after use
  • Better facial cutting for eyes, nose and mouth
  • Light fragrance
  • Does not dry as quickly
  • Leaves skin soft and hydrated
  • Still a bit cheaper than other bio cellulose masks
The Bad
  • $4.22 a sheet - still pretty expensive for a daily or even weekly mask; good as a special treat mask
  • wish there was a little bit more essence to get more for the buck.
  • results not incredibly impressive.
The Skinny

Good quality bio cellulose mask that does the trick but is still a little pricey for even a weekly mask.  But good to try out and use as a special treat.  This is still a good bio cellulose mask priced well below other competitors.  

Simply Bio Cellulose Mask update

You can read the old post here.

Simply:  My update on Simply's Bio Cellulose Mask. Simply is a Taiwan company.  I really didn't know too much about the brand Simply because the only company I hear about widely with local Taiwan celebs are "For Beloved One",  "Dr. Wu" and "Naruko".  As well as the less expensive drug store brands like "My Beauty Diary" and "Face Q".  I looked at the back of Simply's mask package and realized that they actually have a website written: www.mysimply.com.tw/.  Their website is only in Chinese, however, and their online shop is probably only limited to Taiwan and maybe Asia.  But they actually sell a lot more beauty items, such as cleansers, moisturizers, body creams, and supplements.  They may even be bigger than My Beauty Diary.  So, it is quite assuring after I found their website.  And apparently, they sell their bio cellulose masks in a box of 12, while Sasa.com sells them individual.

This mask has a much greater fragrance, which I dislike, but I can tolerate.  It comes sandwiched between a blue cotton woven protective sheet and a white plastic protective sheet.  You should remove the white plastic protective sheet first and apply the membrane side with the remaining blue cotton one onto your face.  Carefully remove the blue cotton one with the membrane positioned on your face.  You will still need to adjust the mask a little bit.  The membrane is much thinner, softer, slippery and delicate.  I did tear a little bit of it while adjusting it onto my face.  

The essence is a bit thicker and its more clearish white.  I also apply any excess onto the mask and neck area.  This mask seems to dry a little bit faster than Dr. Bsc's.  You can still get 30 minutes to 40 minutes of use and that is really good.  After use, you won't really get a wet face and won't really need to massage any remaining essence; just a little tapping will do.  But my skin is visibly softer, hydrated and brighter.  

On my neck. Unlike cloth masks, when you place bio cellulose mask on
your neck, it really won't slip or fall.

I used two more of Simply's bio cellulose mask using Dr. Bsc's and I can say that my skin looks better, softer, brighter and hydrated.  

I forgot to mention the cutting of the mask is not as good as Dr. Bsc's.  The eye opening is incredibly narrow, its about 1/2inch wide (vertically), which makes it just a slit.  I cannot even open my eyes when I am wearing this mask. I gotta look down.  It goes over my eyelids.  So, that is the big downfall.  Not sure if Caucasians would be able to wear this.  The mouth opening is just a cut which is okay because you can adjust it while wearing it and it is the mouth.  I like the nose cutting of this mask more because it just fits perfectly for me.  

The Good

  • Probably the most inexpensive bio cellulose in the market
  • Good as an introductory bio cellulose mask to test out
  • very very thin membrane - tighter, even more skin hugging
  • a lot more essence
  • leaves skin softer, brighter, and hydrated
The Bad
  • $2.60, still a little pricey for a one time use mask
  • membrane is delicate, need to be careful not to rip it while adjusting it
  • heavier fragrance
  • cutting design of the mask is not as good - the eye opening is really just a slit about 1/2 in vertical length.  - not for Caucasian fit.  

The Skinny

Overall, good less expensive bio cellulose mask that leaves skin soft, brighter and hydrated.  Still pricey, but still affordable to purchase once so often.  Its good that it is very very thin, just got to be careful not to tear it.  I don't like the fragrance, but some may find it pleasant.  And the big downfall is the eye opening, which is so tiny that it bothers me and will bother you.  You will have to keep your eyes closed wearing this mask.



  1. Wow, such a thorough review! I wish sheet masks were more readily available in the UK, I tend to buy lots for my mum when I am away in HK.

  2. thankyou for the detailed review! thanks for the comment on my blog too. For flared skirts like that, I don't wear shorts or anything like that underneath. I don't think we tend to flash as much as we think. I think the only time is when if you're going upstairs or travelling on an escalator or something, and someone is looking at you from down below. during those times, I just place an arm behind my skirt to hold it down. :)


  3. Good review! I follow you back via GFC. :) xx



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