Sunday, May 13, 2012

Silk Whitia Pearl Finest Powder Moisturizing Mask

Silk Whitia's Pearl Finest Powder Moisturizing Mask, my second review from the Silk Whitia Pearl Finest Powder line.  If you have read my review on the Silk Whitia Pearl Finest Powder Whitening Mask, you will know that there is something about this SW Pearl Finest Powder line that keeps me from adoring it.  It's not that they are not effective.  They work alright for $2.00 a sheet, but no extreme "wow factor".  There is something fishy about it that I can't grasp on.

You would probably imagine my dismay when I tell you that I found intermittent light brown spots on the mask upon opening.  Yes, light brown spots.  Have you ever found those on your sheet masks before? Are they meant to be there?  Are they some extra brown sugar coating for facial exfoliation? Nope, nope, nope.  

Since, I have already used a second package, light brown spots? Still there.

I look at the package to search for an expiration date.  Oh yea, the Silk Whitia Pearl Finest Powder line does not have the expiration dates printed on their packaging.  They don't even come in boxed like their other masks.  So, I took the mask out of the package and sniffed the package.  The essence smells differently than the Whitening version.  It doesn't have a fragrance but rather it smells like what the combination of the ingredients would smell like.  

Here are the active ingredients:
Pearl Finest Powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Hydrated Protein, Aloe Vera Gel, PPHP

What is PPHP?  I couldn't find much information on this on the internet.  The only feasible hit I got was Phenyl-4-Pentenyl Hydroperoxide, but I couldn't find information on it.

I don't need to red circle these images for you to see where the brown spots are. 

My decision:

Alas, I made the ultimate decision to try the mask on anyway, noting to myself that I would put it on for the suggested time period in front of the mirror and if I feel anything is wrong I would take it off right away.  I used it for 30 minutes, and very surprisingly its good.  Yes, it is not a typo.  The mask works well.  My skin was very moisturized and smooth after the removal.  My face is also a little brightened.  The essence is watery, not gooey and thick like the Whitening version.  It does not leave a film layer after dry and it can probably do without rinsing, but I still wash it off anyway. 

After rinsing, my face looks and feels hydrated, smooth, clearer, and brighter.  As a result, my moisturizers absorb well into my skin.  The following day, my skin is still hydrated.  No breakouts or anything.  

Excess serum?

You know how I said that the Whitening version has enough excess gooey serum for two masks, well this watery essence has enough for 4-5 uses (Update: Okay, I counted this time, I got 3 really drippy uses).  You get literally a puddle of essence in there and it is watery which creates more uses.  So, grab some compressed facial masks because you will need a lot.  

The Skinny

The Silk Whitia Pearl Finest Powder line makes me puzzled.  They seemingly work but there are always these other factors (although, no real adverse effects) that bring the bar down low.  Although this Moisturizing one works, I will not be repurchasing this again.  I plan on finishing up this line quickly.  

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  1. lovely review xo
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thanks, Anthea. Why, I am always happy to follow others and allow others to follow me =]

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments! So you're an architecture grad too? Which school did you graduate from? Actually I graduated in 2007 from University of Melbourne in Australia. Now I live in the US with my husband, there isn't much architecture opportunities where I live so I just stay home and embrace my new job- full time mother haha. Keep in touch. xx

  3. Erh the brown spots aren't supposed to be there. I've been using SW masks for a number of years and I have this range as well. Anyway, so long as it works!



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