Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why Cooled Down Green Tea May Not Be Good For Your Undereyes

We've all heard of it, the goodness of Green Tea.  The health benefits and powerful antioxidants that have allowed us women, to consume it and to apply it topically.  Once in awhile I would use cool downed green tea bags or refrigerated/frozen green tea poured onto cotton pads to de-puff my under eye area.  I would do it once in awhile, not often because I do find it a hassle.  

I was watching a Taiwanese program the other day about some local celebrities that go through a full makeup removal before the screen to show off or not their true beauty.  There are many Taiwanese programs of this sort and can be entertaining.  One of the guests was a Caucasian Taiwan-based celebrity (I really do not know who she is, but I am guessing they are are known locally) who spoke wonderful Mandarin btw,  had noticeably dark under eyes.  She described to the hosts and beauty consultant that she liked to use cooled down green tea bags for her under eyes.  The beauty consultant, who was 40 years old but looks much much younger than that said simply that the dark green color of green tea would cause or add to the dark under eye bags.  

Seems to make sense.  Green tea stains the cup, stains the teeth... and may "stain" the under eye area with continuous long term use.  


  1. Hmm that makes total sense! Shall stick with cucumber... I hear watermelon peels are good too right?

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  3. Very interesting facts! :)

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