Friday, May 11, 2012

Keep Your Egg Shells! DIY: Raw Egg White Mask

One of my all time favorite natural mask is the raw egg white mask!  Keep your egg shells after use, because that is enough to apply onto your face as a mask.  You may also add a few drops of honey into the mix, but egg white by itself is also sufficient.  If you want to go further, you can peel the thin egg skin layer and to place on top of the applied egg white.

Why egg white?

Egg whites are a great source of proteins and vitamins.  It contains approximately 40 different kinds of proteins.  (

(Total listed 95.8%)

You will feel your face tighten as the egg white mask begins to dry.  You won't be able to make any expressions.  Allow the egg white mask to completely dry and rinse.  Your skin will appear fresh, tightened, smoother and brighter!


  1. Wow, great tip I'll have to try it. Great blog too by the way. Just started following you :)

    1. Thank you and thank you for your support, Jenee. I always use it this way, rather than wasting a whole egg.




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