Friday, May 11, 2012

Junior's Cheesecake from Brooklyn New York

hehe sorry I took this picture the next day..yum

My brother ordered the 8" sampler from Junior's Cheesecake for my mom for Mother's Day and it arrived yesterday! We didn't know it arrived until late last night because my brother said it was supposed to come in tonight.

If you live in NYC, you have probably heard of Junior's Cheesecake.  I've heard of them for awhile and have wanted to try their cheesecakes.  They also have a restaurant down in Brooklyn, but I have never been there yet.  My brother got the 8" sampler that is currently on sale.  It includes four of their best flavors divided in quarters: Original, Raspberry Swirl, Chocolate Ganache, and Cherry Crumb Cheesecake.  

I have to say they are all so good. I especially love raspberries, so Raspberry Swirl would be my most favorite one.

I've never had cakes or food delivered before so I was excited with the box opening.  Its packed very well.  The sealed cheesecake comes safely boxed inside styrofoam with a package of dry ice to keep it cold.  Included is also a box for storing the cheesecake after opening the seal.  

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