Monday, May 7, 2012

Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Creme spf 15

I am currently using Ole Henriksen's Total Truth Eye Creme with spf 15.  In the past, I've used Strivectin, Philosophy, and Caudalie's eye creams.  I liked them all but I always wanna try something new.  

I've sampled Ole Henriksen's face creams and they are not bad.  

What I like about the Total Truth Eye Creme is that it has spf 15.  There are many eye creams in the market that do not have spf in their formulas and you would need to rely on your sunglasses.  

Made in the USA, helping my fellow citizens and helping our fallen economy.

Although it is still pretty pricey, the texture and the consistency of the cream is very thick and it seems that it will last for a long time because I only need to use very little.  I warm it up with my pinky fingers and pat it on.  

The downfall about this is that it burns or stings my eyes.  Usually, in the middle of the day, it somehow seeps into my eyes and burns.  Usually in the middle of the day because maybe I end up yawning and when my eyes are naturally wetting itself, it dilutes with the cream and ultimately seeps into my eyes.   I end of tearing so much that I have wipe it off.  I usually spray my face with my Evian facial spray, but with this eye cream, I can't use it anymore.   For this reason, I am not sure if I should return it or not.  And, it wouldn't be useful if I need to wipe it off.

Overall, I am still not sure about this because of the burning.  Otherwise, it hydrates my eyes pretty well and it seems like it will last long, therefore be more cost effective.  

UPDATE 5/11/12: I decided to give this eye cream another week and I am glad I did.  After the first few days of watery stingy eyes, it stopped occurring.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe, my eyes adjusted to it?  I now apply the cream a little differently because I found that I could use even less than what I was using before.  I just need to pat very tiny dots along my under eyes before patting it thoroughly.  If I need more, I just add more tiny dots to layer over it.  I am really loving this eye cream now.  My under eyes are noticeably hydrated and I like that there is spf.  The spf may seem kind of low but I've tried Shiseido's sun protection eye cream with spf32 and it is incredibly thick and white that it doesn't sink in. 

Although I really like this eye cream, I still think it is pricey.  They have a set that I hope they will continue, otherwise I would only purchase this when I am desperate...which unfortunately I am.

Update 5/28/12: Still using this eye cream.  Under eyes appear hydrated, less dark.  I purchased the limited edition set that includes the eye cream, serum and face cream.  It's a really good deal at $78.00, I believe.  Though I am still unsure if I should return this single eye cream.  

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