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Review: Simply Bio Cellulose Mask

Purchased at: Sasa Website

Price: $2.60 for one piece

Simply Bio Cellulose Mask effectively leads essence in cells and the wrinkle gaps with the help of its fine and closely woven fibers. It also gives whitening effect in a flash. The result is equivalent to that brought by iontophoresis.

Claims: The precisely designed 3D mask has two pairs of ear hooks. Note: Mask does not have ear hooks.  The design allows it to closely fit your face, enhancing the tightening and lifting effect.
It leaves your skin moisturized, comfortable, whitened with less visible blemishes. Skin elasticity is improved.

How to use it
  1. After cleansing face, unseal the package and take out the three-layer mask. Remove the white layer.
  2. Put the elastic and transparent middle layer, the cellulose mask, onto the face, making it closely fit.
  3. Remove the “blue” outer layer.
  4. Leave on for 15 – 20 minutes. Then remove the mask and gently massage the face without rinsing. Follow with daily skin care regimen.

Deep Ocean Water – to hydrateLumiskin™ – to whiten, soften and moisturize skin
AA-2G – to prevent the formation of melanin
Matrixyl™ – to diminish the appearance of wrinkles
Camellia sinensis leaf extract – to purify and relieve
Acerola Extract – to anti-oxidize and promote collagen growth
Chrysanthellum indicum extract - to anti-oxidize and be anti- anti-inflammatory
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate – to relieve inflammation, anti-oxidize, promote removal of dead skin cells and whiten
Vitamin B3 – to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity

Suitable for
all skin type

This is my very first time using a bio cellulose mask.  I have only used cotton paper sheet masks before and I heard that bio cellulose masks were excellent.  I've wanted to test out bio cellulose masks for awhile and the Taiwan brand For Beloved One is supposed to be the pioneering company that came out with the bio cellulose mask.  However, FBO and Dr. Wu's (also a well known Taiwan company, Queenie from BeautyQQ did a review of this awhile back) bio cellulose masks are a bit pricey.  

This brand, Simply, also a Taiwan company (yes!! Taiwan makes amazing beauty products!!), was on sale on the Sasa website for $2.60 for one piece so I decided to give it try.  Yes, it is still more expensive than regular paper masks but it is sooooo worth it!!! I was really excited to try this.  

So, what is a bio cellulose mask?  I copied this from Dr. Wu's website description, it should be similar to Simply's as well. DR.WU's Bio-Cellulose Mask is composed of nano-fibers formed by fermented microbes. The fiber structure is interlaced in three-dimensional space allowing active ingredients to be absorbed deeply into epidermis and demonstrating extraordinary immersion efficacy. It is almost like the inner liner of a chicken egg. That is what it feels and looks like.  

Here is how it looks when I tore open my package.

3 layers of mask

 Pulling out the mask, I find it full of essence.

Very moist

The mask consists of three layers. The white plastic protective sheet and the blue woven cotton sheet protect the middle bio cellulose membrane mask.  The instructions tell you to remove the white protective layer and apply the bio cellulose membrane side to your face then slowly peel off the blue cotton layer.  The bio cellulose mask is very very (I'm really stressing this! Remember this brand is even thinner, like the inner liner of an chicken egg) thin, so this way, you won't have the membrane folding and wrinkling on itself.  

Three layers, the middle one is the bio cellulose mask.

The bio cellulose mask is soooo tight and is just hugging my skin like another layer.  It's just a totally different experience from cotton paper masks.  And the feeling is great because it is sooooo tight, it helps to firm and tighten your skin.  You can instantly feel the firming effect.  Have you ever peeled off the inner layer of a chicken egg and placed it on your face?? It is the same feeling, except you can use the mask on either sides.

I wipe off the excess serum from the plastic protective sheet and the blue cotton protective paper for my neck and arms.  

blue cotton protective sheet left over for your neck and arms

white plastic protective sheet left over for your neck and arms

The suggested usage time is 15-20 min just like any other sheet masks.  I wanted to use mine a little longer (frugality!! ), I think I napped for about 2 hours.  The down part about this brand Simply, is that it is not as long lasting as what I heard about Dr. Wu's bio cellulose mask.  According the Queenie of BeautyQQ, Dr. Wu's was still really moist even after 2 hours!!!  Maybe because it is thicker? It looks thicker.  Mine was about 85% dry when I peeled it off.  But I can see my skin brightened, tighter and supple.  Nice! =]  

There was a lot of excess serum remaining from the packet but it was already late so I decided to save it and use it the next morning.  The texture of the serum ranges from a clear to milky color.  I applied the abundant amount of excess serum, I can instantly feel and see the tightening effect!!  The only down part is that you shouldn't really apply any thing over it, otherwise it will become mushy.

Lots of excess serum, color ranges from clear to milky white.

I also wanna show you how the bio celluose masks looks when semi-dry....

and completely dry.

And one last photo to show you how thin it is.  

eh okay, not the best photo to show the thinness.
Overall, this is an amazing product.  I am loving this bio cellulose mask!! Being that this is my very first time using bio cellulose mask, my review is really based on my experience with cotton masks.  I am not sure how Simply's bio cellulose mask compares to the other bigger named Taiwanese brands.  I'm hoping that I will have a chance to try them out soon and give a comparison!! xP

UPDATE: One thing I forgot to mention is that the eye opening is small.  It is made for Asian faces, but being Asian myself I find the eye opening to be INCREDIBLY SMALL!!! I literally cannot even open my eyes.  And the mouth opening is not a hole but just a cut.

UPDATE 5-22-12: Please read my updated review of this mask here.

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