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Review: My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask

Here is the big box set of My Beauty Diary's Moisturizing and Whitening Set that I purchased from website.  I bought the same set when I was in Hong Kong, and I was happy that I found them in stock on their website.  Now, I bought the set in one of their Hong Kong retail stores for about $25.51 USD (199 HKD...or was it 159 HKD?), and on the website I bought them for $35.90 USD.  That is a whopping $10.39 extra!  But that is given living in the US.  However, it is still cheaper than buying individual boxes at the local asian beauty boutiques.  

The Free gift is a cheesy cardboard calendar from 2011. 

What does the set include?

$35.90 for 34 sheets of mask makes each mask about $1.06 each.
At about $25.51 when I bought them in Hong Kong, they are $0.75 each. Ah, that sucks!

Everything packed well

Now to the review of My Beauty Diary's Arbutin Whitening Mask

If you are not new to My Beauty Diary masks, you should know that all of their masks are quite similar.  They come in different flavors, such as the Bird's Nest, Natto, Earl Grey and Macroon etc.  I haven't tried all of them yet.  I think I have only tried the Black Pearl, the Bird's Nest, Q10, and Strawberry Yogurt mask.  Currently, my favorite two mask are the Arbutin Whitening Mask and their Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask.

My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask

The Skinny: Liquid-y essence that restores moisture and makes my skin glow and whiter. Affordable.

Material/Texture/Scent:  Cute pink packaging.  This is a paper cotton sheet type mask.  It is thin, it has ripped a few times but not often.  But I do like thinner masks because it feels that the essence absorbs into my face rather than just staying on the mask itself.  The Arbutin Whitening Mask doesn't really have a scent compared to the flavored masks.  Overall it is really pleasant.

Thin paper cotton mask

When you remove the mask from the packaging, the clear liquid essence will literally drip on you. So, unfold it fast, remove the plastic liner inside and position it onto your face.  For me, compared to other brands, MBD masks fits almost perfectly onto my face.  Not too big and not too small.  After I put on the mask, I use essence from the remaining plastic liner for my arms and neck.

Some people like to watch tv or go on their computer while wearing their masks.  Now, whenever I am using a mask, I lay down on my bed to let the laws of gravity to allow the most of the essence to absorb into my skin (just makes sense!).  I usually rest for at least 45 minutes before removing the masks and reapplying it on my neck and other body parts (hey, make the most out of your bucks!! xP).  After that, I massage the rest of the remaining essence from the packet onto my face.

When I remove the mask, I can instantly see my skin brighter and glowing!  It is really amazing.  My skin looks supple, moisturized and soft.  I do see my skin lighter.  When it means 'whitening', it doesn't mean that it will make you "white", but it makes your skin translucent or pearl-escent clear.  I just love this mask!! xP

I always use my masks at night after cleansing before bed, to allow my skin to absorb at night.  I usually use a mask once every three or four days, but now in my mid twenties, I am finding that I need to use them more often.  I really love this mask because it does work, I do see my skin glow and improve and most importantly, it is affordable!!

Massage any remaining essence from packet on to your skin

The plastic liner. Before disposing, wipe off remaining essence for your  neck and arms.

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