Friday, June 8, 2012

L'Occitane Rose Velvet Cream

I got the L'Occitane's Rose Velvet Hand Cream a while back at one of L'Occitane's retail stores. When I first got it, I really liked it, mainly because I don't usually use such an expensive hand cream.  When I use it now, I find it just a little bit above borderline average for what it costs. It does have a lovely rose scent without being suffocating or being too artificial.  

The texture is very light for a cream.  It's more of a lotion in the name of a cream.  Bluntly said, it's a lotion, not a cream.  But it's also safe to say that it isn't a watered down lotion.  I personally like hand creams because they definitely moisturize better and longer, without having to use as much.  However, if you do not like hand creams because it takes a bit of an effort of rubbing, you will find that this "cream" will be very easy to absorb into your skin.  
I don't think you can really fail in a hand cream, they all work in some way, more or less.  And this one does not fail.  I think it leaves the hand nice and smooth without being sticky or anything.  It is "velvety".

But I just can't help but consider the similarities this "cream" has to one rose lotion I had used many years back from Victoria's Secret.  The Victoria's Secret one was a little stronger in scent and a little runnnier than this one, but just worked very similar.  The VS one, I purchased one with my two other friends for the sale price of 3 for $12.50, I believe.  This L'Occitane one is around $22-24.  Of course, I would prefer this one, but my wallet prefers the VS one.  I like it but I don't think it is worth the price and it also isn't my favorite hand cream.  

The Good

  • Nice rose scent; lovely, not overpowering and does not smell "artificial"
  • easy to absorb
  • leaves skin smooth, not sticky
The Bad
  • Not a cream, but really a lotion
  • expensive
  • Not amazing for what it costs
The Skinny

I think its good, it has a pleasant rose scent and applies smoothly, though overpriced.  It's not really a cream.  I think its an average product wrapped up in "luxury" brand/packaging.  


  1. I heard a lot of great reviews about L'Occitane products but I never try any because I absolutely agree with you that it is a little pricey. On the other hand, I would love to try the VS hand cream since it is more affordable and your review is very convincing :)

    1. I've tried three of their products: this, Ultra Rich Face Cream, and Amande Firming & Smoothing Milk Concentrate. I didn't like the face cream because it was too thick and it just didn't work for me. The Amande one I liked the best because it does smell great, runs very smooth and I admit, the glass tub is really nice haha. But overall, judging from those three products alone, I think their stuff is just kind of average. There are a lot of other brands that are much cheaper and work just as well or even better.

      hmm..Maybe I should update my Dior review... 'cause I am finding that it is not worth the price either hah



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