Friday, April 6, 2012 Haul

I received my parcel from this week.  This is my third time ordering from, the first time being in 2010, and the second time a couple of weeks ago. If you never heard of SaSa, they are a big chain company in based in Hong Kong.  I was in Hong Kong last year and they are huge.  They literally have retail stores in every mall, and practically one in every other corner in Mong Kok.
Back to my current huge haul.  So far, I have never had a problem ordering from their website.  I live in the USA, so I always keep my order around $188 USD, to avoid the customs fees for importing anything over $200.  This is how my package arrives.

I always choose expedited shipping and my package have always arrived within the same week of my order.  I placed my second order on a Monday and it was shipped Thursday and my package arrived Saturday morning.  And this third order was placed Wednesday and it arrived the following Tuesday morning.  You need to just make sure that there is nothing special going on with their company, such as holidays or warehouse moving.  They always make a note of that on top of your 'shopping basket' page in red text.  
My box was crushed a little on one of the corners, but my goodies were alright because everything is bubble packed and there are also a lot of those Styrofoam peanuts in there.

And this is my whole order.

Here is the break down. Two boxes of Wai Yuen Tong Classic Series Youth Pak Fung Pills and two boxes of Wai Yuen Tong Classic Series Bird's Nest Pak Fung Pills.  Now, the reason why I made this order so close to my second order was because I wanted to take advantage of the sale they had on the Wai Yuen Tong products.
So what is Pak Fung Pills/Bak Fung Pills?  They are traditional chinese medicine pills that helps to alleviate menstruation pains and to restore women's health.  Wai Yuen Tong and Eu Yang Sung are two very old famous companies from Hong Kong that produces them.
I get really horrible menstruation pains and fainting spells that I usually need to stay in bed when I get my period.  There was a time that I crashed into the kitchen counter, it took a while for the scar on my eyebrow to fade.  I have tried Eu Yang Sung's Bak Fung Pills that my mom bought me at the local chinese supermarkets, but they longer have them in stock. They are also quite pricey, around $35.99, so I only tried them a couple of times (they earn around $15.99 profit).  They do alleviate some menstruation pains, but you must strictly follow their dosage instructions to work.  I can't really do a former review on Eu Yang Sung brand because I've only tried them a couple of times, and sometimes I didn't follow their exact dosage, so I still had heavy menstruation pains.

I tried one box of Wai Yuen Tong Classic Series Youth Pak Fung Pills, and during my following menstruation cycle, I didn't have a lot of menstruation pain.  The month before, I was literally in bed the whole time and I was really light headed. I haven't tried the bird's nest one, I hope they are good as well. I will do a more former review after finishing the four boxes.

I also got Silk Whitia Shine Collagen Rose Hydrating Mask, Silk Whitia Pearl Finest Powder Whitening Mask, Silk Whitia Quick Moisture Anti-Oxidant Whitening Mask, and Silk Whitia Pearl Finest Powder Moisturizing Mask.  They are all buy one get one free.

I love sheet masks because it feels like I am treating myself to a pamper.  I usually use paper sheet masks, but I decided to purchase some bio-cellulose masks.  I got two pieces of Simply Bio Cellulose mask and the Dr. BSC 3D Collagen Regeneration Bio-Cellulose Mask that is also buy one get one free.  I really wanted to buy the other two kinds of bio cellulose masks from Dr. BSC, but they are kind of pricey, $25.30 for two boxes (buy one get one free), 3 pieces a box.  I am really excited to try all these new masks, especially the bio cellulose ones, but I will have to delay my reviews on them because I still have a lot of masks from my previous purchases that have a closer expiration date than these.

Also in my order, my two selected samples: a sharpener (cheesy) and a sample of Suisse Programme Cellular Revitalizing Eye Mask.  I have never tried Suisse Programme.  They are too expensive so I am happy to receive a sample to try.

I like shopping at because they have an ultimate variety of Asian sheet masks and beauty products.  There is so much that I always wanna buy and there is a greater variety and it is usually cheaper here than buying them at a local asian beauty boutique.  I heard that deletes bad comments so I would not completely trust that every product is as excellent as described. =[


  1. You are lucky that the custom charge can be avoided. In UK, they start charging from £18 pounds. I always have to pay the stupid custom charge (20% VAT + handling charge)

    Dorothy @ Dorothy's Little Wonderland

  2. Yeah, in the US we are lucky that we have a $200.00 limit before they charge us for customs. It's always tempting to purchase in bulk when ordering internationally and a higher limit would be necessary in this case.



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