Monday, May 28, 2012

Wai Yuen Tong Youth Pak Fung Pills for menstruation pain

It is very difficult to give a review on menstruation pills.  Menstruation pains fluctuates by the month.  While off the pills, I can be fine during a month's cycle or I could have major cramps, bloating, feelings of vomiting, and dizziness/fainting spells during my worst ones.   I am trying to keep my reviews a little shorter now.  It's not that I like to write but I have this problem with details... I get so caught up.  I also have a habit of reiterating repeated redundancies  haha. I am so still learning to improve my reviews.  If you have been following my reviews from the beginning, you will definitely notice that I have toned down the language in notches.  I am learning by each post I write.  I find that I should be more mellow with my language and avoid saying, "oh, this product is amazing, it's the best", or "this product sucks, I hate it!".  Rather than that, I should be more descriptive, but I guess a shortened form of descriptive. The review on the Wai Yuen Tong Pak Fung Pills will be updated in the next month because I am on my last box.  I am still unsure if I will be restocking them.   I also have two unopened boxes of Wai Yuen Tong's Bird's Nest Pak Fung Pills, which I will also give a review of when finished.

My haul post already described some of the pains I go through during menstruation, such as fainting and hitting into the counter, etc., so I will not be reiterating that. 

I have tried Eu Yang Sang's Bak Fung Pills a few times.  My mom bought them in the Chinese supermarkets here for around $35.99 + tax, which is really pricey.  They don't really keep them in stock anymore and I noticed that had Wai Yuen Tong brand ones.  When I was in Hong Kong last year, I saw a lot of retail stores for both brands.  They are usually right next door to each other in the malls competing.  They are both really popular and have a long history.  They both have good websites so you can check them out for yourselves.  My mom told me that my grandfather used to buy Eu Yang Sang Bak Fung Pills for her and her 3 sisters when they were young for their menstruation pains.  Yes, my grandfather was a real cool man.  She told me that back then the pill was one huge pill, not small tiny pills.  Both brands also sell a lot of other Chinese medicines as well as birds nest, etc.  They are both pretty well known in the community.

Other than these pills, my mom always makes "dong quai" (traditional Chinese medicine soup for women) with a hard boiled egg right after my menstruation to restore iron, blood, etc.  

One box, 40 sachets in each box.  2 capsules in each sachet.
 Take 2 sachets (4 capsules) with warm water each day.

It's difficult to write a review on this because if I wrote this two months ago, I would have said this is so amazing and it has completely taken the pain from me.  But, you really cannot give a review like that for something like this.  I think the best way is to document the months and keep it on going.

I think Eu Yang Sang brand's Bak Fung Pills packaging is more sophisticated and professional compared to Wai Yuen Tong's Pak Fung Pills (BTW, "Pak" and "Bak" is the same in Chinese character).  But Wai Yuen Tong's is more modern and playfully feminine.  It's still clean and professional but in a different way.  More importantly, it is also sealed by manufacturer as well as taped by their company sticker.  

It comes with this tiny pamphlet with information on usage and ingredients.  

What I don't like is that they only list their active ingredients.  I can't remember if EYS lists their entire ingredients. The other Traditional Chinese Medicines make up 43.82% and that is huge to not list.  I do have a feeling that it is to protect their company formula.  Each box will last you a month between cycle.  You can't take this when you are having your period and if you are pregnant or sick.  The dosage is 2 sachets (4 capsules) with warm water each day.  The WYT Youth Pak Fung Pills come capsuled rather then just in its regular form (which is black little beads).  This way it may be easier to consume for one people. (If I remember correctly, the dosage for EYS's is 3-4 sachets a day for 3 days a week, something like that.)  If you deliberately sniff at it, you can still smell the Chinese medicine.  

EYS's come in the form of the black little beads and WYT's Bird's Nest Pak Fung Pills are also not capsuled.  I haven't tried the bird's nest ones yet but just took a look.  

February: Was not on any pills before period.  Major cramps, bloating.  Was in bed the entire day.  Fainting and dizziness.  Heavy period.  Feelings of vomiting/Nauseous.  

March: Decided to order WYT's Youth Pak Fung Pills after February period.  This month was fine.  A little cramp and bloating before and during period.  Didn't have to stay in bed.  Good appetite.  No fainting/dizziness/vomiting/nauseous.  Still heavy/regular period.  

During March's cycle, I thought, it is really really working.  So I ordered two more boxes of the Youth ones and two boxes of the Bird's Nest ones. 

April:  Didn't take any pills after March period going into April cycle.  I wanted to experiment.  I had some cramps/bloating/fainting/dizziness/vomiting/nauseous and heavy period.  It wasn't as bad as February though.

May:  On the WYT pills again for this month's cycle.  The first day of menstruation, major cramps/bloating/fainting/dizziness/vomiting/nauseous and heavy period; about the same as February.

I always follow their usage instructions to avoid being under dosage or over.  I'm still unsure about this.  It didn't really work this month.  I'm hoping that will continue to have 15% off on this because I may repurchase this.  Although it is not 100% effective, I have really terrible menstruation pains and I really don't know what else to take.  I avoid western medicine.

So ladies, feel free to comment about what you take/do to relieve your menstruation pains.  And what is your regular menstruation cycle like. 



  1. Ahh I am not looking forward to the day Aunt Flo comes back. Breastfeeding has allowed to avoid it for months now. These look interesting, on the box they look like pearls and I thought that was what they were, but in your hand they look like regular pills, boo.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Jenee. Supposedly, they have pearl powder in the ingredients. Do you have any tricks for relieving M pain?

  2. what a coincidence I'm reading this, I'm kind of having menstrual pains right now :( although I never take pills for it, I just drink lots of tea. I've always tried to avoid medication as much as possible, if I can bear the pain. it sucks to hear that you have such painful ones! unfortunately I don't know what I can recommend. I just know that drinking warm-hot tea, and putting a hot water bottle over your stomach, can make them feel so much better. hope you find something to make yours less painful!
    and thanks for your comment on my blog! I do live in a place where there are lots of buildings and escalators I guess... if other methods don't work you could just wear safety shorts underneath. hopefully it'll make you less worried about all those pervs! haha :)



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